14.8V Belifal’s Li-Ion Battery Solar Street Light Charge Controller


Belifal’s Li-Ion Battery solar street light controller is special for solar LED street light.It’s in-build LED driver with 91%-96% output efficiency .Solar controller with LED driver is equal to a solar charger controller + LED Driver + Dimming Capability .The Pulse Wildth Modulation battery charging can greatly increase the lifetime of battery. Auto dimming dusk to dawn pwm li-ion battery charge controller Main features: Auto dimming dusk to dawn Utilize SOC micro controller to exactly calculate the state of battery charging and discharging that can efficiently extending the battery life. It is with over-charge, over discharge, electronic short circuit and overload protection and LED open circuit and short-circuit protection that will not damage any other parts. It adopts PWM charging mode that 3%-6% higher than without PWM charging to extend working time.

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